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Market Insights & Intelligence

We help you with Market Insights & Intelligence required for your strategizing, decision making and planning!

Our difference: experienced and passionate professional researchers work with you, from taking brief, designing research, carrying out fieldwork, analysis and report making, all delivered by dedicated researchers!

Further, we leverage advanced System1 based methodologies and analysis which delivers most accurate and actionable results. Beyond merely ensuring data quality, you’ll get rich and reliable insights with total confidence.

We not only provide 100% accuracy assurance, but go beyond that to support your decision making and monitor towards achieving desired results.

Speed, Quality, Action, Results .. If this is what you want, get in touch with us! Let us know how we can help you.

Experience the difference.

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Small Business
Owners & Entrepreneurs

Planning growth? Need direction? Need support to execute your business plans?

We’ve been helping small business owners with co-planning and strategizing business, putting in support system for growth, and practically operating as extended team.

We’re committed to your success, and to see you go a long way!

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    Business Planning & Strategy
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    International Market Expansion
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    Distribution & Channel Engagement
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    Market Feasibility & Readiness Assessment
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    Startup Consulting
Investing in Social enterprises?

Do you have an impact measurement and monitoring system in place? If not, we’ll help do that, with our Measure & Monitor Management suite specifically designed for Social impact monitoring, using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Purchase function

Supplier engagement is a big part of purchase function. We’ve helped organizations worldwide discover how they can work with suppliers in a way that suppliers can contribute to R&D / innovation, compress supply chain cycles and time to market and also, contribute to bottom line.

If you’re looking at creating such an impact in your role within purchase function or wanting to begin with a supplier satisfaction survey, we can assist you with the same, with our widely appreciated SET (supplier engagement transformation) framework.

You can request for more material on this from our leadership library by clicking here; or click here to get in touch with our experts!

This is an area we’re passionate about too, and our desire and passion is to help social enterprises maximize impact.  We help study the feasibility, test, develop and refine concept, establish proof of concept, help with business plan, support execution and scale up and out!

Further, and most importantly, we help you truly understand, measure and monitor impact you create, and help make adjustments towards maximizing impact, using a variety of scientific and analytical techniques and qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Beyond doing this for accountability, we help you maximize impact!



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