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What really is the basis for your Business planning? It has to be a sound view and understanding of the market – including competition, customers, the needs of the market and foresight on how they’ll evolve, strengths of competition, their strategy; and how your distinct capabilities can stand out and make a difference, knowing what to do when, what to prioritize, knowing efficient channels and platforms to market .. So do you really know it all?

Often, an independent assessment and perspective on all these matters helps! that combined with – you know your business best – can help shape a winning strategy. That’s how we want to help you – help develop a winning strategy, and help support the strategy to win!


Setting up of a manufacturing plant is one of the most difficult decisions to make, given that it is capital intensive, and plenty of regulatory and compliance issues to take care of, in addition to make or buy trade off analysis. Further, marketability, pricing and competitive intelligence become essential fore-knowledge to make the decision.

Our work has helped our clients save huge capital investments in cases where profitable pricing didn’t look feasible or logistics; in other cases, we helped create immediate market engagement, helping realize faster ROI.

Due diligence helps, and our 360° feasibility approach goes beyond yes or no to provide real value and actionable insight!


Are your processes delivering best of results? Are your processes enabling your people? And helping them to be more Productive, or less? Are you over spending? Or cutting costs too thin that your processes are less efficient? and so, delivering less than they can?

Our P3 model focuses on Process improvements and innovation, People empowerment, and Productivity enlargement; and is integrated with (Simplify, Amplify & Speed) SAS monitoring and assurance, with measurable results on simplification of processes, amplification of results and speed to results.

Further, our SAS assurance ensures that you see the fruit in multiple areas – processes, people, time and financials. To know more on how we can make a difference, get in touch with our experts.


M&A is one of widely embraced strategy to grow; and the same is also one of the most challenging missions to carry out. From identifying the right targets in view of the fit with overall strategy and synchronicity on various fronts, to post M&A integration, it’s not a cake walk.

History proves M&As have helped some succeed greatly; while left some bleeding. Multiple factors need to work together to make an M&A work – beyond M&A planning and strategy, we assist you across the multiple factors which should work together – right targeting, due diligence, organizational (re-)structuring.

Make no mistake; we’re here to help. Speak with our experts now who’ll help you along the way.


One of the success defining factors in business is Agility – Agility to change; some look at ‘Change’ to keep pace with fast changing market situations; others do to stay ahead.

Regardless of striving to staying ahead or catching-up, change can be disruptive on various fronts; which makes the ability to manage change the success defining factor, rather than change itself.

Plan to change … to lead; and not to be left behind. We not only help you plan and execute change, we help you manage change, to maximize impact. We do this with a sound understanding of the market with a futuristic sense, and your business, and in a highly collaborative fashion, helping you stay in control!

Be the change! Lead the change! Maximise impact!


There’s risk and there’s no denial .. While we remain optimistic, its only wisdom to action on intelligence to mitigate and manage risk.

Having a practical sense of understanding of risks around different facets of business, risks associated with business decisions, and then taking calculated risks is regular way of going about business.

Risk assessment, mitigation and management isn’t about taking calculated risks. It’s about maximizing potential and maximizing bottom-line. Putting light on areas which can create road blocks, putting guards and measures in place to minimize the risk towards maximizing business and profits is what this is about.

Speak with our RAMM experts for further guidance.



Supplier Engagement isn’t just about vendor management; over the years, we’ve realized and helped our clients realize the value of suppliers, as strategic partners, who add value to engineering and R&D who can massively impact supply chain and sales, and contribute to bottom-line.

We help transform vendor-buyer relationships to strategic partnerships, across the touchpoint framework (both processes and people), with definite and tremendous value delivery and great content in relationship!

It’s time to transform your purchase function from a purchase-power for suppliers to one empowered to derive and deliver value and impact R&D, Supply Chain and Profitability!


From evaluating and establishing your business idea to give it wings and make it a great Brand, we’re a complete consulting services partner. With a range of services covering:

  • Concept feasibility assessment, refinement and development
  • Market segmentation and customer targeting
  • Business planning, strategy advisory and execution support
  • Growth/Expansion planning and management
  • Brand building and more ..

With access to great business sense and support system, we welcome you to soar greater heights, faster, better, wiser and easier with us.

Concept Development & Refinement

Concept Development and Refinement is an area where we’ve assisted start-ups as well as large corporates – in taking an idea, testing it in real-market scenario amongst real users and ecosystem stakeholders and wherever relevant, against closest competition too.

Beyond a simple Go, No-Go, our insights help develop and refine concepts from theory to tested!

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