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Market Feasibility

Market Intelligence which helps you not only make a simple yes or no decision, but also to strategize most efficient path to market, take a positioning based on competitive intelligence and market insights, with absolute clarity on segments to target, potential partners.

Our engagement goes beyond feasibility study and report; beyond providing clear guidance, we extend assistance to help execute your plans in any capacity required.

Our work has helped our clients save their investments and steer them to the right direction; tap markets early, reach the right segments; realize faster ROI; find right partners; and made the entire experience and journey of getting started in a new market really smooth, and decision making along the way, intelligent!

International Market Expansion

International Market Expansion – now made easy!
We have successfully partnered with our clients and have made entry and expansion into 20+ countries in just two years not only possible, but easy!

With rich expertise, experience and on-ground presence, we delight in partnering for growth with businesses serious about growth. Beyond feasibility advise, we help establish serious business connections, in any country, to position you for growth.

You can now leverage our combined expertise in international marketing and local on-ground presence across international markets to accelerate and multiply your business in international markets. Get in touch with us now, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Distribution/Channel Engagement

Finding just a distributor isn’t enough; engaging distributor/s is a strategic decision to be made in view of fit with business, potential to scale and service, making it a decision which can define and shape business success.

Our approach involves a tightly controlled screening process, followed by thorough scanning to assess potential and evaluate fit, and we carry this out with a clear understanding of market, client’s business and the target’s business, covering multiple functions of business.

Click here to read how you can engage with Distributors and make Distributor engagement a winning strategy!

Market Surveillance/ Tracking & Intelligence

Our market surveillance and tracking services help you sense the direction of and developments in market, and be agile in your business planning and decision making. While we encourage all businesses to be setting trends for the market and be the drivers, timely information helps you stay in the light; timely direction helps make right decisions. Knowledge isn’t just power, it empowers you!

Our market intel and data services are used by clients to better understand the market; be better equipped with competitive intelligence; to better engage with customers. It’s also used by planning units of various governments to plan and promote R&D.

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter (yes, specific to your industry, and it’s free!), or speak to us for your specific tracking / surveillance requirements.

Market & Consumer Insights

What do they do what they do?
How do consumers behave? How do they make decisions? What drives their attitudes, thinking and decisions?
What’s really important to them? Where do start making compromises?
How do they fall in love with Brands? – specifically, your Brand? What can make them go Ga Ga about your Brand?
Who do they look to for advise?
How are consumers changing? And what it means to your business?

Fact is – generally speaking, consumer insights today isn’t insightful anymore. If this is your concern, and if you’re one of those who think you don’t get anything new – you’re at the right place!

We believe, consumer insights more than ever, in today’s world can be truly insightful, yet, traditional approaches fail to capture, just because of the way it’s done including the many compromises along the way.

Our approach – researcher executed fieldwork, system1 based implicit solutions, gamification as approach – pure, fieldwork!

So if you really want meaningful and actionable insights, 100% data accuracy guaranteed, on-time, and career researchers working closely with total ownership, get in touch with us!

Competitive Intelligence

Knowledge is power? No! We believe knowledge can be empowering!

Knowing your competition, what they’re up to, plans and strategies can help you stay ahead in the game!

While one can approach the business like ‘we do our business without competition in view’, time has proven that unseen and unknown competition can just do something which can radically change the market, even those with players of monopoly, leaving them bleeding for long!

This is about intelligence – as vital as ‘foreign intelligence’, which gives you that ‘competitive edge’, beyond mere ‘information’.

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