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Brand Experience & Equity Management

The experience you deliver is the Equity you build. Marketing can help facilitate and create an environment to build Equity.

With an Equity program which is totally comprehensive and covers all aspects of brand building, covering marketing communication and experience delivery, we take delight in helping build great Brands.

This is all about helping you deliver delightful experiences across touchpoints, inside out, to all, achieve result oriented targeted marketing, and build great Equity for your Brand.

As a complete consulting services agency covering market insights, business intelligence and brand advisory, our approach to Brand advisory is comprehensive, intelligent and result oriented. We bring this with decades of experience in advisory, research and development in the space of Brand Building.

Brand Positioning & Strategy

How do you build the positioning you want to build for your Brand?
Do you really know, your Brand positioning in market? And how different are you from others?

We’ll not only help you stand out, but also to stand up tall and strong. Based on System1 based consumer, competitive and market insights, immersive approach to understand You as a Brand and who and what you have been and want to be, and a deep passion for helping Brands win, we bring a robust and holistic methodology to help you create, take and maintain a Winning Position, and for that, a sound strategy and support system. .

Segmentation & Brand Targeting

One size doesn’t fit all!

We’ll help you understand the different kinds of customers and segments in market,
both tapped and untapped, realized and unrealized, and customize your offerings
and outreach (communication & engagement) as appropriate to each.

Relevant positioning and message and appropriate channels helps Precision targeting.

Brand Transformation

Need to make over Brand image? Take a fresh, renewed position?

We’ll help you Transform into a Brand which is Relevant, Renewed and Re-energized!

How we do it – based on a clear understanding of your vision, plans, market, desired positioning and imagery, how it resonates in market/amongst target group in isolated as well as competitive scenarios.

Speak with our experts today!

Brand Communication & Engagement

Need to make over Brand image? Take a fresh, renewed position?

Is your intended message getting across?

How effective is your communication?

Are your communication portals relevant and appropriate to your customers?

We help shape your communication, taking your intended message and test in real market scenario and advise on relatability and relevance to market towards realizing maximum efficiency – crisp and clear, compelling and captivating call towards the brand.

Brand Portfolio Management

Managing multiple brands isn’t an easy job, and we understand that.

We ensure that sub brands and brand extensions only add to the overall Brand equity and leverage the same.

We understand that each brand is unique, and so is each sub-brand; we assist in maintaining, monitoring and managing that clarity and focus towards ensuring the mission success of each Brand.

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